Did You Know ?

The world’s largest hand-woven carpet was completed in the Iranian city of Neishabour. The carpet is called the Qasr al-Alam, which means the Palace of the World. Iranian artist, Ali Khaliqi designed this carpet in eight months.


It took nearly 1, 200 craftswomen from the Neshiabour to complete the weaving of the luxurious carpet. These women were between the ages of 15 and 60, it took them 16 months to complete the construction of the carpet. There were 50 men supervising them, and giving technical support. These women worked in three villages in northeastern Iran.


Although the carpet is primarily green and cream, twenty-five colours were used incorporating twenty different natural dyes. Traditional Persian motifs of swirling vines and five medallion centerpieces were featured within the piece. Weighing 47 tons, the carpet is made up of 2,268,000,000 knots. The carpet measures at 60, 570 square feet which the size of a soccer field !


The United Arab Emirate officials ordered the carpet for the Sheikh Zayed al-Nahyan mosque in Abu Dhabi.


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