Rug Maintenance Basics

Historically, rugs have been one of the most valuable decorative pieces in homes. Originally, they were signs of wealth and affluence, so much so that people would cover their rugs before in-home gatherings to protect them from traffic. Rugs are major investments, making care and maintenance of utmost importance to maximize the rug’s life and value.


  • Vacuum regularly, every week and when visually soiled.  Even the most well-kept room collects dust which settles on top of the rug.  Sitting too long, the dust can penetrate the rug’s fibers.  When combined with the humidity in the air, the dust moistens and becomes fused with the fibers making it very difficult to remove by vacuuming alone.
  • Vacuum the back side of the rug, for typical home use/traffic we recommend once a year.
  • Wipe your feet before coming into the house/room to reduce the amount of dust and dirt that enters.
  • To prevent matting, vacuum the rug in both directions, especially where there is a distinct traffic pattern.
  • Be careful of vacuuming the fringes.  Tuck them under the rug while vacuuming and sweep the dirt and dust off of them with a broom afterwards.
  • Fabricated rugs (custom-made) and newly installed carpet may need to be vacuumed more regularly during the first 6-12 months because of natural and expected shedding and fuzzing.
  • It is recommended to use vacuums that do not have beater bars, as they can grab loose fibers and create pulls or tears in the rug.  Beater bars also push stains and dirt further into the rug.

General Maintenance

  • Lay a pad under the rug in order to allow it to breathe.  (Change pad approximately every 5 – 7 years — depending on traffic; it is not recommended to reuse pad under a different rug.)
  • Keep the rug dry.
  • Clean up stains immediately.
  • Tears and rips should be repaired right away.  Waiting too long to repair the rug may make the damage worse as the area wears and erodes.

Fading/Sunlight Damage

  • When rugs are exposed to sunlight, it is recommended to rotate the rug once a year to help even out the fading.
  • Rotating the rug also helps ease the wear of the natural traffic route created by the location of furniture, wearing the rug more evenly.
  • Direct sunlight will fade rugs making new pieces look older.  Use caution when placing an antique or silk rug under direct sunlight.

If planning to store your rug for an extended period of time, it is suggested to have the rug cleaned, wrapped, and re-wrapped in waterproof plastic.  Moth flakes/balls should be dropped into the rug before it is wrapped.  Keep your rug in a dry area at room temperature.

And of course, while rugs are certainly considered works of art, don’t forget to kick your shoes off and enjoy them!

Our love beneath your feet,


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