Going Green

As we mentioned in prior posts, Emerald green was named the color of 2013. When it comes to marketing and advertising, colors play a very big part in getting a message and feeling across to the public. For example, blue is a color that gives off a feeling of security and truth. According to this theory, 2013 will be a year of growth, luxury and calmness.

If green is the color you will be seeing throughout 2013 why not add some to your own home? Green is a relaxing and luxurious color that can add some brightness to any room in your home. Why not add some green to your living room, some green throw pillows, or maybe even some green candles, allowing your self to really relax. Why not add some green to your own bedroom so you can relax and rest easier. Feeling stressed and over worked? Add some green to in to your life and feel more relaxed and luxurious. Image


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